Fruity Cereal Milk Soft Serve  📷 : @nyccheatdayking

Fruity Cereal Milk Soft Serve

📷 : @nyccheatdayking

So my brother is a foodie and always drags me places. He always find hidden gems. Places that you literally walk past everyday and didn’t know they had amazing food.

On this adventure we went to Milk Bar. The one in Brooklyn ( not sure if there’s more than one in bk ) but yeah. The store itself was pretty small but they had cookies and cakes on display that made both our mouths water. We decided on getting some soft serve ice cream. My brother stepped up and ordered a “ Fruity Cereal Milk” like a pro so I follwed his lead.

It was good. I don’t think I would try it again only because it’s salty as well as sweet. That was a first for me. I normally just like my sweets , sweet.

However I feel like you should try it because we all have different taste pallets and you might love it. I will be back, but next time I think I’m going after a shake or some cake 😈.

* P.S if you’re looking for great food places to try follow my brother on IG @nyccheatdayking you will not be disappointed

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