Okay so I love to cook ! However during the week it becomes more of a task than a hobby so I tend to cook meals that are easy and fast. I looked in the fridge we had chicken breast, carrots , onions and broccoli in the freezer. Normally I would use fresh broccoli but I used what i had !

So Boom first you gonna cut and clean your chicken. Then season it. I did a simple seasoning garlic powder salt and pepper.


Then I cut up my onions, carrots and took out my bag of broccoli.


I put on a pan with a little oil and let it heat up. Then placed the chicken inside once it was hot and cooked it for about 20 mins.


while that was cooking I prepped my sauce. So what you’re going to need is cornstarch , soy sauce and red pepper flakes ( If you like spicy ). tool about two tbsp of cornstarch and mixed it with water until it dissolved. Then i added soy sauce. I cant really tell you the measure I eyeball things a lot while cooking but try not to overdo it because soy sauce is salty.


Once the chicken is done cooking then take it out the pan and set it aside. Place your veggies inside and cook those to your liking. Afterwards add the chicken back to the pan. So now you should have the veggies and chicken in the pot pour the sauce on top. I let mine cook on low heat for about another 15 mins while I put on some brown rice.



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