Yellow Vegetable Rice

yeeeer ! * My New York slang * LOL nah hey yall so for Fathers Day I decided to make this rice because I kept seeing it on the internet and in the stores and was like “ why not give it a try”

things you’ll need

  • Jasmin rice or any rice of your preference

  • Boullion Chicken cubes or stock

  • Frozen Veggies can you fresh if you prefer

  • Minced garlic

  • Salt and pepper

  • Tumeric

First I boiled 4 cups of water and then added 2 chicken Boullion cubes.


After I added 2 cups of rice and an additional 1 cup of water to the chicken broth. add your tumeric i used 1 1/2 tsp but honestly you could use 1 tsp


While that was cooking I started on the vegetables. I used 2tbs of oil and first sautéed garlic. I added the frozen vegetables to the mix and cooked until they softened ( Dont cook too long or they will become smushy)


After wards when the rice is done cooking add the vegetables. Add salt and pepper to taste