How did I end up a mental health counselor ?


It was my last semester of undergrad school and my union 1199 pays half my tuition so I headed to their building in Manhattan to get my voucher. While I’m getting my voucher the man assisting me says “ congrats , last semester what are your plans after “ I say honestly I don’t know. I would like to go to graduate school but can’t afford it right now. He’s like “okay what do you want to study ?”. I say “I’m not so sure but I know I want to help people” hence my degree in human services. He’s like “would you be interested in doing Mental Health Counseling ? We have a FREE program here. There’s only a few spots left”. I’m way “ FREE ? Like FREE ? * raised eyebrow * …He says “ yes freeeeeeee”. He hands me a brouchure explains the program and literally the rest is history. Let me tell you about MY GOD. He knew that I wanted A Masters but I couldn’t afford graduate school , so he made a way.

Anyhow I went through the whole process, entry essays, multiple interviews, also a reading and writing comprehension test. I was interviewed by a white man ( The relevance of me saying this is that I wasn’t sure he’d understand when I discussed things about my neighborhood ). He asked why I wanted to be in field I was completely honest about how I stumbled upon this opportunity. I told him I think it was a sign that this was what I was supposed to be doing. I told him that in my neighborhood south Jamaica Queens that I didn’t know of many mental health facilities , I wasn’t exactly going out of my way to find out about them either but yeah. I told him all I really knew of was Creedmore. That was a place everyone knew you didn’t want to be. I expressed that being a counselor would give me the opportunity to spread awareness about mental health and one day even open my own center. He was familiar with south side as he lived there and agreed on the lack of knowledge the communities had on mental health.

Within my own family I have seen people struggle with different mental illness. Depression , Alzheimer’s, Dementia , Anxitey , Addictions and more. So if this has affected my own family I could imagine how many other families have experienced this. I could imagine how many other families weren’t sure what to start. Im sure they didn’t know what the illness was , how to cope with it , how to be of support to the person going through it and so many other thoughts that I felt.

Therefore this section of my blog will be about Mental Health. I will answer things to the best of my abilities. NO I won’t diagnose you but if you have questions feel free to ask. Each week I will try to post on a different illness and provide the latest information on Mental Health. I hope that this page is informative and that it’s an enjoyable read.


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