Can my spouse talk to someone I have problems with ?

Hey A,

I would like to know if I have a problem with someone should my spouse remain speaking with this person ?

Your spouse is grown so ultimately the decision is there’s. They could choose to stop speaking with the person altogether. They could keep its cordial or they may just stay that persons friend.

However I feel there’s more that goes into this question. We’re all of you mutual friends ? I ask because if you guys were all mutual friends it may be hard for him/her to let go of that relationship. Did he/she become friends through you ? If this is the case , it still may be that they formed a bond but hey you’re the reason they’re bonding lol it should be a little easier to step back.

For me personally if I have a REAL problem with someone I would say that my spouse could still be cordial when seeing that person. I do think that it would stir up some drama if my spouse tried to hang out with this person if me and them aren’t on good terms. I also feel if it’s a relationship is that strong between my spouse and the other person he may try to work things out between us. Let’s be clear I’m not saying that it’s his responsibility to do so. I believe that’s how I would move if it was two people close to me.