Hey yall

So the question that was posed to me today was can a relationship work after your s/o has cheated?

Welp I personally think that it is at the discretion of the person who was cheated on. Personally for me I feel like once you cheat on me and break trust its very hard to regain my trust. Is it impossible ? no. Hard? yes. So I probably would just leave.

The thing about forgiving your spouse is that, you have to leave whatever they done in the past in the past. Which can be extremely hard to do. Since the trust is broken everything will become questionable. Your s/o may say “hey going out for drinks with the guy/girls “ and you may not be comfortable with that, Now your mind is racing and drawing all types of conclusion of what must really be happening.

I think only you would now how much you can handle and how much effort you’re willing to put into rebuilding your relationship. I also think it depends on the couple are they just dating or married. Some married couples may want to stay and fight they have more to lose and may feel it is easier to just work things out. Either way married or dating a discussion needs to be had on why this happened in the first place. The person who cheated also has to understand that they have to allow their s/o the necessary time to get through this situation. it wont happen over night and it will take a lot of making up but if its what you want you will fight.

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