If you catch your friend spouse cheating

Hey A ,

Question ; If you saw your friend spouse out with someone else what would you do ?

Ahem clears throat lol. I would make it known that I see him or her in some fashion. Whether it’s walking up to introduce myself or shooting him/her a text like hey I didn’t know you was going to be here “turn around” then have the …what you doing here and who that face on lol.

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Knowing me I would definitely let my friend know that I saw his or her spouse out and about with someone else. However move cautiously because you never know who that person is and maybe your friend already knows. So we don’t want to go in getting crazy and your friend is like I already know relax. Just simply mention it. “ hey A, I was the hibachi spot and James and a women came in also , I’ve never met her who is that ?” Wait for the reply and move from there. Also be prepared that they may not believe you. I mean I’m snapping pics if I can lmao..may be a little too far but if needed I shall present them lol.

I remember this comedian was like women and men are different. He said that the women would walk up and be like “ hey how’s your wife and kids” basically make it known to the other female that he’s cheating lol. While men on the other hand go about their business and say “ damn I didn’t know she got down like that”and would proceed to pursue her later lol. It was all jokes with a think a little bit of truth so I’m curious to know …

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