Should my spouse have my password ?

Hey A,

Do you think that when you’re in a relationship that you and your spouse should have each other’s phone passwords ?

In short I don’t think it should be mandatory, however I don’t see what the problem would be 🤔. I have the password to my boyfriends phone and vice versa. We don’t go snooping through each other’s phones. However if I need to use his phone for whatever reason I have easy access. Reasons I might need to use his phone you ask ? Maybe mine died , maybe I’m changing the songs or maybe it’s an emergency or something and I need to reach contacts in his phone.

I think that if you want your spouse passwords because you don’t trust them then that’s something you need to address, but having the passwords is not going to solve that problem lol. I will say that if I asked for it and he hesitated or said no it would make me wonder why he doesn’t want me to have it.

So again do I think it’s mandatory ? NO ! but do I see a problem with it no ; especially if you have nothing to hide.

Adrienne HayesComment