Stay Quiet or Tell my friend !

Hey A,

I would like to know should I tell my friend that my other friend who she doesn’t know is now dating her ex boyfriend?

ugh what a messy situation but yeah you should. The thing is you didn’t do anything wrong. All you are doing is simply informing your friend that your other friend and her ex is dating. You should be clear in the fact that you had no part of hooking the two up. Unless of course you did. Then well in that case yeah, you have some explaining to do lol. I think if you tell your friend it will clear you from any drama.

Say you don’t tell her and one day you guys all go out to celebrate something , now she’s seeing you in pictures. TRUST this is going to get messy. Also think about how you would feel if it was you in that situation.

Let’s be clear though. If friend A is now wanting to know more details about friend B and her ex you have to draw the line. You need to state that its not your place to share your other friends business and she should respect that because she would want the same respect and privacy