“ YOU ARE WORTHY “. Know your worth. Let me tell you something I’ve never been one to be insecure at all. I’m not trying to say that I think I’m the prettiest, the flyest, the whatever but I’m dope as hell. I lost sight of that in my old relationship. Mental abuse is very real. My ex use to try to tell me “ oh all these guys only like you because you have big boobs and a big butt” at one point he said it so much I started believing it. GIRL it was his own insecurities. He was threatened , the attention I received from other men scared him and he didn’t know what to do so that was the reaction. To be clear I wasn’t out here flirting or things like that but I’m naturally dope and that just attracts people. I’ve had guys tell me “I wish I could talk to my girlfriend the way I can talk to you “, or “I want a girl like you who is driven, smart and bout her business like you”. The problem is that all the qualities they saw in me he saw in me too but took them for granted. He couldn’t fathom someone having what was once his. Especially knowing how good of a person I am, and the things I’ve done for him. Anyway I just have to tell you don’t allow others to dim your light shine bright like the muthaaaafreaking star you are lol love you ..

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