My Plan Vs Gods Plan

If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans. — Woody Allen

To this day that is one of my favorite quotes. We always make plans for our lives and God is like Ha watch this. I know for me sometimes I couldn’t understand why things weren’t going they way I planned and it was because it wasn’t apart of Gods plan for me. Obviously he knows what’s best for me lol so I now I just let him work.

My Plans :


Okay so I had my whole life figured out. I was going to be married at the age of 25 …shoot at least engaged and having a baby shortly after. I wanted to be a “ young mom” so I could still keep up with my child. Those are the two things I knew for sure. I had no clue where I was going to live but I also wanted to be out of my parents house by 25 too. I was going to have a city job and just live my life. No bs that sounds boring as hell lol ( not knocking anyone whose life is this way ) but yeah God def had bigger plans for me.

Gods Plan

thank god.gif

So God changed my plans and I’m grateful. I wasn’t married by the age of 25 and THANK GOD 😅. Cause Lord that would have ended in divorce lol and I wouldn’t have given my now boyfriend a shot. I was in a long term relationship ( that’s a whole other blog ) and the last couple years ..yup I said years neither one of us was happy but rather comfortable. But I dodged that bullet lol. Now I’m in a healthy relationship and though I still want to get married I’m not in an immediate rush or fixatinting on a age or date of when it should be done. I have no children YET ! This is still apart of my plan but when God sees fit this will happen. I thought I would be out of my parents house by 25 I moved out at 28. I thought I would have a city job and yup I don’t. Not to say that won’t happen either but I chose to focus on my studies ( which wasn’t apart of my plan ) and now I’m in the process of finding a new job. I use to question God. I was like why aren’t things going the way I planned and it’s because he had so much more in store for me. God wanted me to go to school focus, get my masters. God wanted me out of that unhealthy relationship. God wanted me to travel the world and see beyond the five boroughs. God wanted me to rebuild my confidence, self esteeem and love for myself. I’ve done all of these things. I get it and now and I’m learning to trust the process Gods process 😉

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Did you ever created your own plan for your life and God was like hol’ Up ? Lol drop a comment let me know.

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