“ Less is more , ****a it’s plenty of us “ - HOV

This post is about the company you keep. I’ve never been one to want to have many friends. I’ve always found a few close people and kept my circle small. However growing up in high school shoot even junior high the thing to be was popular. Having a thousand friends and running with a group but my question to you all is why?

I’ve literally watched situation where people who had the most “friends” in time of need couldn’t call on these “friends”for help. Remember it’s not about quantity it’s about quality. What qualities should your friends posses?

Friends should be honest, loyal, loving and caring. You should be able to count on your friend in your time of need. Whether, you had a bad day and need an ear or something a bit more serious like support with a death. You should have friends that you can count on. I need to be clear in saying that just because your friend isn’t there for one occasion doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. They also have a life and sometimes they may not be able to handle your stuff and their stuff at the same time but communicating that is important. I know sometimes I have a bad day and may need to vent but I may not call my friend that has two kids, not because she is less valuable but I know she has a lot on her plate..but if it was a more serious situation I wouldn’t hesitate and she wouldn’t hesitate to be there for me. 

Be weary of those friends who are only around when they need something though or when they’re feeling down. For starters that’s just draining as hell and secondly friendship shouldn’t just be about the bad times it should also be about the good times. If your have real friends they’ll love to hear of your success not just your failures. 

Sometimes everyone in your circle is not actually rooting for you. Weed those people out ! You can kind of tell the ones who make slick remarks when you mention a recent accomplishment. The ones who downplay anything you got going on. The ones who never clap while everyone else is in a roar yeah those are the “friends “ you need to get rid of. Your friends will encourage you and motivate you to be better to do better. 

So again remember it’s all about quality over quantity ! Sometimes less is more 😉