Life After School


What is life like after school ? Hmm honestly I am still trying to figure that out. I graduated officially in December with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling. I was and still very much am happy that its over because it surely wasn’t easy. I had a full time job , went to school on Saturday’s yes Saturdays * rolls eyes* from 8-4pm and on top of that had to intern 700+ hours. It honestly felt like torture. Im a young woman so there were days I was super annoyed that I couldn’t go to brunch with my cousin , or shopping with my best-friend or to family functions. I knew that there was a goal that I wanted to reach so I made those sacrifices. That in itself was hard at times because people including your family do not always understand and it can cause friction in some relationships.I had plenty of battles with friends and relatives thinking that “ you do not want to be around us or never show up “ but then I had those who I consider my core support system who understood and said “ when you finish school well have time for parties , shopping, traveling, etc”. Lord knows when I had free time all I wanted to do was sleep. Oh and did I mention that I have a boyfriend. Finding time for us to hang out was difficult too. We lived in different counties so we only saw each other once a week. What kept us together was a lot of texting because our phone calls ended with me falling asleep ten mins in lol.


Any who now I am done with school and its a weird feeling it like where do I go from here? Being in school was a big part of my identity. So now that it is over I am figuring out who I am without it. Ideally everyone wants to start job searching and jump into their career field but I guess I was a little different. I was like THANK GOD a break lol. I needed a mental break. I jumped right into graduate school after undergrad. I mean literally I graduated under June 28 and started grad school the week of July 4. There was many times I questioned myself like “ A what are you doing, are you crazy?” “ Do you need your masters?” or “ maybe I should take a break and come back to this later” but I pushed through and I encourage everyone whose in school to do so as well. It will not be easy but it will be rewarding in the end.


Now that I have this freedom I am questioning how long am I going to give myself this freedom? I had to sit and create a plan for myself. I decided that I would give myself about six months to unwind. Sounds like a lot of time but I just did a lot as well. I still read articles on Mental Health just to stay in the loop while I am not practicing. I apply to jobs here and there but I wouldn’t say that Im on the search. To be completely honest im super happy and relaxed. My mind right now is more concerned with traveling , thinking of new business ideas, reconnecting with my friends and family and doing things I enjoy. I say all this to say make the best decisions for YOU. Sometimes we get so caught up in how things should go that we aren’t enjoying the process. I have classmates that started jobs right after they graduated I have other classmates who decided that after the degree this is not the field they would like to be in. Then there is those like me who are taking things day by day but still working towards some goals. BE ENCOURAGED!

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