Moving Out of The Nest

As children we always say “ I can’t wait to be an adult “. Tuh I learned in my early twenties I was just talking. I could wait lol. Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities. Bills , Work , Children , Moving out are just some of the things.

Moving out for me was tough. It wasn’t tough because I didn’t want to go but tough because I was losing something. I was losing the security I had living at home with my parents. God forbid something was to go wrong and I lost a job I knew that could count on them to help me until I got back on my feet. Now living on my own I make sure that I plan for those type of situations. I have an emergency fund.

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Moving out was also hard because I had/have an attachment to my mother. I know we have to grow up and start our own life but hey she’s my best friend 🤷🏾‍♀️. My dawg lol. My mother and myself would come home from work discuss our days and then watch TV together every night which is something special to me so I was feeling really down knowing that I couldn’t do this with her everyday anymore. She even expressed her own sadness with me leaving but she was happy that I was moving out and starting a life of my own. My dad and my brother more so stay to themselves but we do have our moments where we hang out or just sit and talk and I miss those moments as well. We still have them when I’m around. I think it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

okay so BOOM! Me and my boyfriend moved together. It was both of our first times moving out on our own. We wasn’t sure if we should especially after a lot of people’s advice and opinions on the situation. However I’m a firm believer in only using advice to help your decision not to make your decision. A lot of people had bad experiences and that’s why they had negative views on it, the people whom it worked for was like “ yeah go for it”. We ultimately did what we felt, felt good for us.

We both were nervous about the new responsibilities that came with new apartment. Paying rent , other bills , buying groceries , furniture and more. I will say that I’m super happy that I have a good boyfriend who manages his money well. We set out a plan. He would buy the big pieces of furniture like the bedroom set , and couch. I would purchase the other things we needed such as appliances. It’s funny I saw a post somewhere about living on your own and having to buy things that you thought magically came equipped in your parents house, like pot holders and toilet paper roll stands 😂. It’s useful stuff but you don’t actually think about how these things got to your house. We also discussed who would pay for what bills. This is important and something that should be made to be fair for both people. So far everything has been great.

We also had to have a talk and continuously have talks about our likes/dislikes. We had to find common ground on certain things. Example: He feels that if you use a dish you should wash it. Agreed. However I feel that at the end of the meal if I cooked that he should help clean up ( washing dishes & putting them away ). So that’s the agreement we made. Things like this seem small but honestly can turn into HUGE arguments. It’s important that you both allow each other the space to express how you feel and come to a agreement that works for both people.

All in All, I’m happy with the decisions that I made. Living on your own isn’t easy but it’s very freeing. The only advice I give to people is that if you aren’t financially ready and can stay home. STAY! Don’t rush and then end up struggling. Don’t listen to what others say about being too old to be home do what’s right for you.

If you have any questions or need a little advice drop a comment ☺️

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