“ Protect Your Energy” one phrase that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We all should. For the most part I’m very good at scoping people out and feeling their energies. There’s been several instances when I have told my friends that’s someone we just met or even one of their friends give me bad vibes and then later on ...they also become privy to it. 

Be aware of • Needy people 

                      • Negative people 

                      • Complainers 

                       • Joy Stealers 

                      • Pessimist

I’m naturally a funny, loving, caring person. I find that sometimes I have to distance myself from people whether it’s family or friends, even coworkers because they can become draining. Sometimes people don’t even know how draining they are which makes things much worse. I have a coworker who has a sad story every day about how something hurts or went wrong. It’s gotten to the point where I no longer ask “ how are you? “ because her negative energy transfers to me and weighs me down. I know I know may sound harsh but again I have to protect my energy. 

I remember my aunt ( R.I.P) would tell us that when you have sex with people you take on apart of them and it’s very true. We protect ourselves during sex so that we don’t become pregnant and/or get an STD, but what about protecting your spirit. ? You don’t want to lay down with the devil and have him attach a piece of himself to you. You don’t want to take on those negative energies that the person has. It’s funny cause you start to feel a change in yourself but you can’t figure it out. You don’t even realize your new found sadness, depression or anger came about from your sexual encounters. So when you protecting your genitalia take an extra step and protect your spirit. 

As a counselor I’m use to hearing a lot of sad and even quite disturbing stories however I still find ways to protect my energy. One of the things I like to do after my sessions is listen to music typically upbeat rap/r&b just to lift my spirits again. Or if it’s the weekend I’ll try to do something for myself that I like whether it’s movies, cooking or getting my nails done. I just have to pour back into myself because these sessions can leave you half empty. Even if you’re not a counselor but you’re a friend to someone going through something or a family member understand you still have to Protect your own energy. That doesn’t mean you can’t be there for them but know your limits. If you aren’t okay you aren’t any good to anyone else ❤️