You know when we were young and in such a rush to be adults, man I wish I could have those days back lol so I’m going to talk about some things that I wish I knew right out of high school.

  • Credit Cards - If you can avoid opening credit cards AVOID them lol. They are the devil. Okay I’m exaggerating but if you open credit card accounts make sure that you could afford it don’t spend more than you have in your bank acct. lol. They are good for building credit if done correctly.

  • Don’t Rush - Enjoy life don’t try to settle down right away. Right after high school a lot of my friends were pregnant and not that that isn’t a blessing ! Most of them said they wished they waited. When I was out taking trips they couldn’t come because they couldn’t find people to watch their children and such.

break up .gif

  • Love- High school sweetheart love doesn’t always last. Sometimes it does and it’s wonderful. In my case it didn’t and because I was so focused on us instead of me there were things I didn’t do like go away for college I mean who knows I could have been a doctor by now

  • Save your money ! - I was a young 18 year old living at home. I would give my mother money for bills and with the rest I was buying designer clothes, sneakers, bags you name it. Listen I’m not saying don’t treat yourself I’m saying save money for a rainy day to move because that’s hella expensive especially in NYC. Save for education because again that’s hella expensive just save.

shopping spree .gif

  • Invest - with that money you saved find something you love and invest in it or if you’re feeling like a boss invest in yourself !

  • Travel - No matter where you live ..there is always someplace that you could visit. Seeing different people, cultures, Islands make is important there’s more to the world than what we know.

  • Get to know YOU - take time out to really get to know who you are, the things you love and don’t. Figure out what you want to do with your life & enjoy that process.

get to know me .gif

I’m sure there are some things that you may feel that you wish you knew as well drop a comment and let me know !