What’s The Rush ?

In May of 2019 I will be 29 God willing. I am so thankful that I have made it this far. If your family and friends is anything like mine then you’ve been hearing “ When are you going to have a baby?”.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’ve never asked my friends or family that as well. However one day I came across the article about how asking that question is impolite and even offensive to some women. At first you think “ what’s the big deal ?” But after reading I understood it. You know some women have fertility issues and it may be that they want children but that process isn’t easy. Some women were pregnant and had miscarriages and are afraid to get pregnant again out of fear. There’s other situations where pregnancy can cause a great risk for the women and they opted not to have any. Then there’s some women who simply don’t want to have any. I learned to proceed cautiously when it comes to this question.

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For me personally yes I would like to have children. However “ what’s the rush ?”. Some days I sit and get so caught up on the fact that I’m getting older and I understand that there are more risk when having children at a later age but I also want to do it on my own terms when I’m ready. I don’t want to rush because people are saying to me “ you’re getting older you need to have children”. Or the infamous one “ you have your masters degree you are good now to have a baby” as if I worked off my butt for a masters to have a baby. Yes I know that this will help me provide for a baby but people didn’t even let me bask in the excitement of what I just achieved lol.

I get that some people just see the love between me and my boyfriend and feel it should happen. We feel it should too but when we feel ready. I have dreams of me having a daughter who looks just like me when I was younger or a son that looks like him but it will happen when it’s supposed to. We have been fortunate enough to travel with each other, have many dates at different places and simply enjoy each other. I think this is important because when a baby comes things will change. It’s not that we could never vacay anymore or have date night but now there’s going to be extra steps. Is the place kid friendly , whose going to babysit when we go away. How long can we go away for ? Right now if we want to get up and go that’s what we do and I like that freedom. Baby talks have taken place and we feel it will happen in the near future but really people “ what’s the rush?”.


if you feel the same way , need to vent lol or even have a different take on what’s the rush please share below ❤️

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