• Pick your destination — Im the type of person who always wants people to be happy so typically if traveling with a group I will pick about 2-3 destination and take a vote and pick whichever one has the highest votes. I will say that doing things this way can also be a headache waiting around on people to get back to you so I think moving forward if I am planning it I will pick the destinations and those who wants to come will !

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  • Research the Hotels/Resorts - I am a BIG fan of all inclusive resorts , I mean who isn’t? If you can find an all inclusive hotel I say go for it. Listen if you just spent a lot of money on plane/hotel who wouldn’t want free drinks and food. That saves more money for attractions/excursions. The thing is that some locations don’t offer all inclusive resorts especially if you’re traveling within the US. If this is the case still do your research on the hotel , see where are the best areas to stay and what kind of amenities are provided with your stay. I love the pool so I try to stay at hotels that have pools. If gambling is your things you may want to search “ Best hotels in Vegas with casinos “ and weed out your options based on reviews.

    • Use your discretions with reviews, lets face it almost every place that people can leave reviews for there are some good and some bad. It’s all based on peoples experiences and it could go totally different for you.

  • Research the area - Research what activities, restaurants or excursions are close by or available before going to your destination. Things are easier this way so that you can plan your days out and also know how much money you need for the trip.


  • Actually Booking - For me , I have found that the best day to book is Tuesdays and Fridays. I always check the prices early in the morning between 6-7 am. Im very picky when it comes to airlines so I will pay extra for jet-blue and if it isn’t available I will do delta. But if you have no particular airline you like shop for the best deal. Also its much cheaper to do the bundle deals hotel/airfare then to do them separately. Also sometimes if a holiday is coming some sites i.e and will have sales so utilize them and save money !

  • Safety - If traveling to a place where passport is needed always leave a copy home with a friend or relative as well as the Address to where your staying and how long you’re staying. When in foreign countries do not travel alone especially at night. Try not to be flashy leave your expensive stuff at home in the event someone break in your room or God forbid tries to rob you.

  • Enjoy - Let loose you’re on vacation !