Turtle Beach By Elegance is one of the largest hotel on the island with 161 rooms. The resort however is not huge, like many other resorts. I personally loved it. It wasn’t too small where you would feel cramped and not too large where you would feel lost. The resort offers all inclusive packages which provides you with food, drinks, free WiFi, amenities such as the gym and tennis courts also non-motorized water activities. They also have a spa which you could go to for an additional charge

The green is Spring Turtle and the Red is Rum Punch

The green is Spring Turtle and the Red is Rum Punch

Check in was quick and the staff was very friendly. They offered us drinks upon arrival I couldn’t decide so she gave me one Spring Turtle ( which ended up being my favorite ) and one Rum Punch. The bell man walked us to our room and carried our bags up the stairs. They do have an elevator but for one it’s small and two it’s only four levels so it’s quicker to just walk it you can.

We stayed in an ocean view room and it was so amazing honestly the view was perfect. We had a patio which we enjoyed sitting on and taking in the view and sounds of the waves.

Another sweet touch was that once we were in the room there was a card with my name written on it. I thought it was the usual pamphlets explaining what the resort has to offer but it was actually a birthday card. That night at dinner the staff also presented me with a plate of dessert with Happy Birthday written as well. It was very cute and thoughtful.


Now let’s get into the room. The decor was pretty modern and nice. We had a queens size bed. The room also had a couch and a coffee table. There was a flat screen tv which wouldn’t turn on but I think the remote was dead. I had no urgency to call and ask the front desk for help because on vacations I barely watch tv. They also had an alarm clock with Bluetooth which was great because we hooked up our phones and played our music.


The three things I didn’t like about the room were the fridge, outlets and the bathroom. I will say that I’m use to resorts having a stocked fridge. There was literally nothing in ours and that made things difficult. We constantly were going to the bar to bring water to the room and also for regular drinks. There was no soda, juice or beer. They had an ice bucket but we saw no place to actually fill the ice. I’m assuming you had to also get that from the bar.
The bathroom was outdated for sure. The tub had like a half shower glass cover which was strange. Every time we took a shower the water ran out the bathroom out into the hallway by the front door. That was super annoying because we had to keep towels on the floor.
There were only two outlets we were able to use and I had to unplug a lamp in order to use one. It was disappointing because I couldn’t charge my portable speaker for the beach and my phone at the same time.


Food & Drinks
There are three restaurants on the resort the Chelonia, Waterfront Bar and Asiagos Bar.The food was honestly the best food that I had from a resort ever. There wasn’t a single complaint I had for any meal. Check the food section for a detailed review on the food. The drinks were good as well. Typically when I go away I buy bottles of alcohol for my room which I did this time as well however I found that I didn’t even need to. I’m so use to going to resort where the drinks are weak and this time the drinks were very strong and tasty.

There are three swimming pools and a jacuzzi. One of the pools is a children’s pool while the other two are regular lap pools. There was more than enough chairs for people to lounge by the pool and the pool was never crowded.


The same with the beach there was more than enough beach chairs and if there wasn’t you could go to the water activities desk and ask Sam or another team member for one and they’ll pull it over on the beach for you. You are provided with a towel card and everyday you can exchange more than once if needed. The beach was beautiful not a lot of seaweed at all. Very clean. The waves were rough but that didn’t stop us from getting in. They have a flag system that shows how rough the water is. Our whole trip the flags were either yellow or red but again we were still able to get in the water just don’t go deep. They had water sports but I opted out for one because I’m not the greatest swimmer and I didn’t want to chance it with such rough waves. There were people on boats and jet ski’s.

The neighborhood is relatively safe. I won’t lie with everything that happens in the news I was skeptical about going off the resort but it was fine. Right outside of the hotel is a strip called the St.Lawerence Gap and it had restaurants and stores. I tried two restaurants which I’ll talk about in the food section. Walking on the gap at night wasn’t bad at all. It’s a lot of tourist out and locals as well. The locals don’t bother you with the exception of the occasional person asking if you need a smoke but once you turn them down they aren’t hostile. So if ever in Barbados check out “ The Gap”.

Overall I can say that I truly enjoyed this trip. Everything was just awesome and if you’re going to Barbados I would recommend staying here at Turtle Beach by Elegance.

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