Madam Tussauds 42nd St. NYC.

ahh we are approaching the ending of summer. I was on stay-cation and wanted to do something I’ve never done before. When you live in NYC it’s like you never explore things that tourist come here and flock to. One of these things being , Madam Tussaud’s wax museum. So what better time to go than now. Here is a little review on the whole experience.


The museum is five floors and they offer four different packages. I did the basic silver package. All dependent upon what you want choose the best package for you. There’s one that includes a sight seeing tour, but yeah I was interested in that lol. You can buy your tickets online and head right to the gate or you can buy tickets there. I would say buy it ahead of time it just saves you the hassle of waiting on line for it. We went straight to the gate in right up the steps.

I was very excited like a little kid in a candy store. I’ve been wanting to come here for about two years now ! So were inside and the first one I see is Pharrell. It was so dope to see how real they look. It was also pretty creepy because it kind of feels like their eyes are following you. Anyhow, so they have this subway seat and pay phone great if you wanna take pictures. It’s a New York vibe going on there lol.


Then you walk around the corner and it’s a stop! You have to take the elevator to the fourth floor. Once out then you see some more familiar faces ..the Kardashian’s , Rupaul and more. Here are some pictures I took. They have a virtual reality game where you shoot zombies. It comes with one of the packages but we didn’t buy that package. You could still do it though we just paid $5pp. It was cool and short I feel like children would have more fun than adults so that’s totally on you lol.



Then you come upon the superhero section. They have a whole area dedicated to them and also a movie theatre where they show a short marvel film. It’s 3D and also has cool effects like wind and rain. It was about ten minutes long not bad.


After the show there was a few more statues then it ends overall I think it was a good experience. I wouldn’t go back to the nyc one but I’m not opposed to going to ones in other cities.


Pros : I feel like it was worth the money. They had a substainal amount of statues. Staff was very friendly. There was alcoholic bar as well as a candy bar inside for additional price.

Cons: I wish they had better organization as far as how many people can come in at a time.
The 3D marvel movie and Virtual Reality Game both required glasses and they had to be returned. I found myself not really putting it on my face because I’m a germ freak.. that’s just me though if you aren’t then you’ll be fine.

So if you live in NYC or are visiting you should check out Madam Tussauds one day. Don’t expect too much I mean they are just wax figures but it’s definitely something cool to do.

Wasnt sure if I should even touch prince LOL

Wasnt sure if I should even touch prince LOL