Oh Majestic how much I wanted to love you!!!

So me and my bestie Heidi thought it would be a good idea to take a bestie/couple trip. We both separately stayed at Barcelo before which we loved but we decided to stay at Majestic this time since it was new hotel which offered a lot .. supposedly.

I wont lie before going I read some not so great reviews however that comes with mostly every place. Some reviews are good and others not so great so we decided to take our chances.

Upon me and my boyfriend arrival everything was okay. We were greeted with drinks and asked to wait in a private area while our room was being prepared. The wait was loooooong. So me the little impatient person that I am was instantly annoyed 🙄 lol but I got over it because .. the hell Im in DR no time to be angry ..HA lets just say that wouldn’t be the last time id be highly annoyed on this trip.

We are introduced to our butler Emmanuel. This was one of the best things about our stay here he was amazing ! He walked us to our room and the first thing I notice is the construction going on outside of our window. ( This is one of the things that I had read about in reviews ) I chucked it up and was like still not even going to let this get me down. So i start exploring the room its SUPER NICE. We booked the “ Family one junior suite”. I absolutely loved this because we had a living room separate from our bedroom. The decor was modern. There was a standup shower and also a bathtub that I swore I was going to get in but never did.


As we are settling in and about to meet our friends guess what. The power went out in the room. Now my annoyance level is on 100 without the power Duh we cant see but more importantly we couldn’t lock the safe so we couldn’t leave the room. I trekked down to the office and I complained and they said they had no available rooms that night but they would move us the next night.. oh and someone came and fixed the power. We are heading to dinner to meet our friends and notice that the door has a hard time closing. Our butler says just slam it really hard.. Yeah I am pissed at this point 🤬. The next day we switched rooms and it was a mess again, it smelled so they changed it again and this time we thought we were good. However one day after the pool we headed to the room and the door wouldn’t open . The battery died in the card reader and we were stuck outside our door for about half an hour. NEEDLESS to say the rooms looked amazing but clearly they had some kinks to work out.


Anyhow the hotel itself was nice. They had a lot of activities at night including shows. We watch a fire show one night. We headed to their club another night. There were many bars opened late. They had a sports bar that served finger foods as well if you woke up in the middle of the night starving. They also had a coffee shop which for me was a plus because I love iced coffee they had other beverages there as well including milkshakes. The restaurants food was okay. Ive had worse at restaurants so out of a 10 I would give them about a 7.


The pools were nice and clean. It wasn’t hard finding a seat at the pool. I would meet up with my friends we would hit the pool and play volley ball or just casually lay poolside. I cant remember which day of the week it is exactly but they have a foam party and that was really fun.


We booked a day trip through the hotel which was fun as well. We first were on some ranch with horses ( we didn’t get on the horses) we did dune buggys here. Then we trailed through a park to a blue water pond it was very nice however I didn’t get in at the time I couldn’t swim and wasn’t trying to risk my life lol. Next we were taken to a boat. On this boat they had drinks and it took us to a private beach where we had lunch. I loved this I thought it was so cute. After that we were able to hang out on the beach for a few before returning to the boat. The beaches had A LOT of seaweed but they did try to clean it up daily. Once on the boat we headed to a natural wave pool in the middle of the ocean. This time I got out because the water was shallow so I knew I was good lol. We finally sailed back to the resort after this.


Hm would I recommend this hotel , honestly idk. I dont want to count it out just yet because at the time we went they were still under construction so it may be better now. Until I visit again I am going to hold off on saying yes lol but I do plan to revisit and hopefully i’ll have a different experience.